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Yes, I am taking time out of my day to write an article on mustaches and why I think they’re beneficial for a person’s life in the workplace.

For those of you who are reading this and haven’t seen me recently in person or on my social profiles, I have a manly manly mustache and have become quite partial to it.

So regardless of whether you’re a gentleman or a lady (I don’t want to be exclusive to the women), I’m going to offer you a few points from my recent experiences as to how a mustache has benefitted me in my entrepreneurial journey and how it can do the same for you in your work life.


1. A Mustache Makes You More Memorable

The Mustache is the first impression and last thing people remember about your appearance. So relating this to the work place…

If you have a job that means you’re a part of a business or organization, and all businesses and organizations are in sales to some extent. Whether you are a part of a non-profit organization seeking donations from people, an event trying to get people to show up, or a for-profit business promoting your product or service, you’re in the game of trying to get people to agree with your mission. This is called sales.

How does this relate to mustaches? Well imagine if your entire staff had a mustache and was serious about it! There’s a pretty darn good chance you and your business or organization would be remembered.

And since sales and agreements often take multiple meetings and steps, having a memorable impression provides a HUGE advantage.

Since you pretty much have the recipe for being memorable, now you just have to make sure the other stuff people remember is positive and beneficial! So as you’re seeking to provide value to people, know you’ll have an edge.

Naturally then, asking why a mustache is so important is a no-brainer. It makes you more memorable and makes you more successful!


2. Shows You Have Confidence

There’s something about a nice stache that just says “bold.” Well if you’re willing to take the time to grow a mustache without knowing how others will react to it, this speaks volumes about your character. It shows you aren’t afraid to be yourself and to stand out.

Mustaches aren’t necessarily in fashion right now, so to go against the grain, potentially get laughed at and to willingly be different, exemplifies that you have some guts. And people like guts, especially in the workplace.

If you can’t grow a mustache, my deepest condolences… but luckily there are other ways to show you have confidence so don’t be too worried.


3. Makes Others Feel Better About Themselves

With all this hype I’m creating about mustaches please know… I never stated mustaches look good or are attractive. Unless you’re Nick Offerman (I know him as Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec and he is my hero) then you probably don’t look so good with a strip of hair between your nose and lip.

I am willing to admit I look silly, but I know that since I look so bad, other people look at me and like me.

They like me because I make them feel more attractive than I am, so they’re going to want to continue to be around me to build their self esteem!

Remember in point number two we have self-confidence so who cares about looking ugly. The upside of having a mustache is much greater.


4. Teaches Patience & Discipline

Let’s say you have decided to now start growing a mustache because I convinced you in my earlier points. Well when you finally get to the top and see a full body of hair on your upper lip, know… you have not by any means made it to mustache-dom.

This road to greatness is a long one. It takes daily maintenance of trimming, combing, sometimes waxing, and shaving the rest of the hair off your face.

But know, what this teaches is invaluable. I have learned to be patient each day as I groom my prized possession. I have also learned to stick to a daily routine of mustache maintenance, which requires discipline.

These characteristics of patience and discipline are carrying over into the business that I own, ultimately making me more successful.


**The Ultimate Takeaway**

In all honesty, I’m aware this article is a bit goofy, and some of you may even call it a waste of time. If you have actually read this far (for those of you who have I am a little concerned you’re as odd as me) the one thing I hope you takeaway is an inspiration to be creative.

If you have an idea or an urge to do something and it’s a good thing, go for it!

I mean for Pete’s sake (I am still trying to figure out who this Pete guy is) I’m growing a mustache, promoting it on social media and writing an article on my experience of it all in a unique fashion. It’s been a blast and my business has gotten a little bit of publicity due to it.

So, go do something awesome, and find a way to provide value to others through your experience doing it!

If you have some thoughts of something unique you or your business wants to do or try and need someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m your guy! I’d be glad to help execute and market it!